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Hello Scots! Well, it’s week three of my APEX Fellowship in Cleveland, and I must say that my parallel parking skills have improved drastically. I even managed to parallel park downtown this morning – in my Chevy Venture minivan, believe it or not. So I would say things are going pretty well with me! Beyond that, my past week and a half working on the Literary Lots project have been really interesting. I have successfully gotten us some sponsors for our community events! For one, Rising Star Coffee Roasters, which supplies the coffee for many of the restaurants and cafes in Ohio City, will be donating brewed coffee for our breakfast event based off of the children’s novel, The Cold Cereal Saga. Additionally, Dave’s Market offered to donate supplies we need in general for the events, and Campbell’s Sweets Factory will be donating popcorn for our community movie nights.

Now, I have spent a lot of time these past few weeks calling and visiting businesses in the Ohio City area of Cleveland, and you know what the biggest challenge I have faced is? Resisting the temptation of buying something at every single business I enter. As you can see, I failed at Ohio City Ice Cream.IMG_1876At Campbell’s today they had cupcakes that had cookie dough where the icing usually is! Just a huge scoop of cookie dough on top of a vanilla cupcake. It was beautiful. Also, if you are ever in the West Side Market, I highly recommend stopping at Campbell’s stand and at least trying a few free samples. Go for the flavor called “Dichotomy” and you won’t be disappointed.

Also, one of the coolest things about my position being so autonomous is that if I encounter something worth exploring, I can stop and explore, and then just work more later on in the day. So here are a few of my best finds (so far) that I have discovered both before and after work hours.

  • The Glass Bubble Project: The Glass Bubble Project is a garage turned into glass blowing studio located down the street from the West Side Market. They make the glass right there in front of you in the studio, have their art on sale, and offer classes for everyday people! Also, there was casually a chicken walking around the shop, conveniently next to a metal art sculpture of a chicken.
  • Edgewater Running Route: As a casual runner, I have found my go-to half hour loop in Cleveland! My route takes me through a neighborhood of beautiful, ginormous houses and ends at the Edgewater Park beach. It’s really cool to have Lake Erie to your left, a lovely neighborhood to your right, and the Cleveland skyline ahead of you!
  • The West Side Market in general: Can I tell you how cheap the produce is at West Side Market? So much cheaper than the grocery store! I paid 99 cents for a box of strawberries. So few things cost only “cents” anymore that there isn’t even a keyboard button for it!
  • Playhouse Square: A few weeks ago, my mom, sister and cousin came up for the evening and we went to the travelling Broadway production of The Book of Mormon at the Palace Theatre in Playhouse Square. It was a great night out on the town, and we managed to get very inexpensive tickets! I swear, the view from literally the back row of the top balcony box is not as bad as one would think. You could still hear the music, see every part of the show, and my nose even stopped bleeding after a while!
  • Bunbury Music Festival: Okay, so this is not in Cleveland, but it’s in Ohio so I thought I would include it. The Bunbury Music Festival is a weekend festival that takes place in Cincinnati the second full weekend in July each year. This year was only the second year of the festival, and it was awesome. The music was great, the venue was perfect and the ticket prices were much cheaper than any other music festival I have looked into. I highly recommend it!
  • Literary Lots: It’s this really cool pop-up project happening in Ohio City next month.. Have you heard of it?

Anyways, I hope any Ohioans reading this check out some of these attractions! Also, if anyone is interested in learning more about Literary Lots, you can go to The website has a program schedule, so I highly encourage you to check it out and see if any events look like something you or any children you know may enjoy!

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