I love connections.  I love meeting people and finding that one thing that ties us together.  Maybe we both saw the same mediocre band in concert or maybe they went to high school with my second cousin or maybe we both hail from the Youngstown area.  Whatever it is, I love finding it and then being able to talk to them about the connection, and see the relationship that grows from it.   Additionally, I love the connections of ideas.  Maybe that’s why I chose to get a liberal arts education.  While I absolutely love psychology, I can’t really imagine studying nothing but psychology for four years.  That wouldn’t be very interesting to me, and moreover, I don’t think it would really fulfill my desire for an education.  To me, it’s the connection between psychology and economics or political science and literature that’s most fascinating, not the individual topics.

Therefore, the connection between education and community that I have experienced with Literary Lots has been my favorite part of the experience.  The connections I have made in the Ohio City community have been awesome.  Because of my internship experience, I feel like I could return to Ohio City after college and have a place in the community. My boss, Kauser Razvi, has put me in touch with connections in Copenhagen from her German Marshall Fellowship that I am going to meet up with while studying abroad.  Frank Lewis of Ohio City Writers has offered to work with my friends in Wooster’s slam poetry club to do some workshops together.  Julia Kuo, the project artist, has become a friend and connection in Chicago if I ever end up there.  J.T. Fraser built sets for Captain America and The Avengers, and worked with me on bringing the Literary Lot to life.  Last night, I had dinner with people from the Cleveland Salon, including the man who invented the Cash Mob idea.  Additionally, I met some awesome Wooster alumni who have given me great advice and helped me make even more connections.

I’m not sure that my internship with Literary Lots will really shape my future.  However, the connections I have made through it will most certainly have a huge influence on my life.  The interpersonal connections I made will surely extend far beyond my summer experience, and I can’t wait to see where they take me.

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