Bringing Literary Lots to Life

This week has been exhausting. The Literary Lots events officially begin tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m. Along with the Literary Lots creator, Kauser, the artist, Julia, Michael of Studio Mishaga, and the guys at Fraser Contracting company, I have spent this week building the Literary Lot in Ohio City. After hours spent painting and thrifting, I think we have created a bit of a masterpiece.

2013-08-02 11.17.50

From the people who brought you Captain America and The Avengers, we present Literary Lots!
But no, really. That’s Fraser of Fraser Contracting who built sets for Captain America and The Avengers.

2013-08-02 11.03.43

The “before” photo of the mural featuring Literary Lots artist, Julia Kuo!

2013-08-01 14.22.35

Volunteers helping us put up the fence on Thursday! They were much appreciated – Kauser and I tried to put it up ourselves Wednesday.. it didn’t end well.

2013-08-02 11.03.19

Fraser Contracting hard at work!

2013-08-02 11.03.12

Letting my inner child out to play in the pasta tunnel!

Letting my inner child out to play in the pasta tunnel

Alice in Wonderland's Tea Party!

Alice in Wonderland’s Tea Party

Sandwich boats!

Sandwich boats!

Enjoy the photos! I will be posting more soon now that the events are starting. For now, I’m going to get some sleep before I return to the lot bright and early tomorrow morning!

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  1. Melissa Schultz says:

    Annie – It looks great! What a fun project. ~Melissa

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